Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Street Art"

I love street art.  Street art and graffiti are a major influence in a lot of my work so it was fun to do a shoe specifically based on the street art theme.  Recently I had purchased a pair of the Jordan 1 Infrareds:

Now originally I planned to use these for a different custom theme, but once I got the idea for the "Street Art" custom, I knew this would be the perfect shoe for it.  So after sketching up an idea for this (which took me an entire weekend and about 10 to 15 sketches before coming up with exactly what I wanted), I went to work and came up with the finished product:

These were a very fun custom to create as I love the colors and theme.  I am currently accepting orders for these but only plan to do a few (no specific number right now but want to keep these limited & really exclusive).  These are available at this link (men's sizes only):

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Air Jordan 5 "Emerald Green"

As much as I love doing highly detailed artwork with customs, every so often it's nice to just bring out a simple and clean colorway.  In the case of the "Emerald Green" Jordan 5s, I wanted to make something where one specific color was really dominant.

These were highly influenced by the previously done Pantone customs (which are available here).  I always wanted to do something with a solid green, specifically a nice bright shade of it that looks close to an Irish Green, so I had to mix a special shade of green (the green used for these is not a straight-out-the-bottle green but something I custom made).  One of the differences from the Pantones are the green on the "shark teeth" part of the midsole which are lightly covered with a white speckle.

Also, for the first 5 orders of this shoe, I am including a free matching short-sleeve t-shirt (sizes Small to 3XL):

For all order information, click here:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Customer Spotlight: Air Max 90 "True" Pack

Recently I was contacted by a New York-based DJ for a commission.  The client wanted not only a pair of the "True Blue" Air Max 90s (, but two other variations of the True in red and one in black.  So I got 3 pairs of all white Air Max 90s and put together what I call the "True" Pack:

"True Blue"

"True Red"

"True Black"

And here's the entire set:

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Monday, June 23, 2014

"Bizzle State Of Mind" Custom Nike Blazers

One day in my travels through Brooklyn (the Bushwick area to be exact), I stumbled onto a vintage clothing store where I found a pair of Nike Blazers for $20 which I noticed are my cousin's shoe size (this cousin happens to be a Bushwick resident).  On a whim, I decided to buy them.

I texted him a pic of the shoes (he loves Nike Blazers) and told him i'd do a custom for him with them, asking him what style/theme he wanted.  He responded "Just do something with a lot of colors".  So from that moment, the wheels started turning in my head.

The shoes were in pretty good condition and had very little wear on them.  The only thing it really needed before the standard prepping process was some midsole clean up.  So I pretty much got that out the way during the preparation process.  I got to thinking of how like myself, my cousin's a fan of graffiti and street art so I wanted to incorporate that into the shoe.  So I chose the colors and went to work.  The end result was this:

The name "Bizzle" is my cousin's nickname and the "State of Mind" part was in reference to both the Nas song "New York State of Mind" and the Jay-Z song "Empire State of Mind", both songs being centered around the city.  I added variations of the Brooklyn Nets & Yankees logos since he's also a fan of both teams (replacing the team names with Bizzle).  This is a 1-of-1 shoe that will not be duplicated but something with a similar theme can be requested by emailing me at

Also, be sure to check out my cousin's photography at and

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Customer Spotlight: Air Force 1 "Sweat Party" Freestyle Custom

Some of the best commissions are the ones where the client gives you free reign to do what you feel and really flex your signature style.  This was the case with this particular custom.  My client and friend, Tim, who runs the fitness lifestyle brand The Sweat Party, requested a pair of custom Air Force 1s and pretty much said "Do your style, just include my company logo".

So I picked up some white air force ones with a turquoise swoosh and sole and worked the custom around that color.  I added some orange along with it (that combo reminds me of the Miami Dolphins colors, a color scheme I always loved) since I remember him having an orange hat with his logo.  Mix in some hints of black all done up in a cool freestlyed pattern and here's the result:

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Radii SJV2 Freestyle Custom

Had a pair of the all red Radii SJV2s sitting around for a few months and knew I wanted to do something cool with them.  My friend Cecilia of Sweet Surrender Art told me about this brand a few years ago and i've been paying attention to them ever since.  Recently I came across the SJV2 shoe and knew I had to have them:

Besides being a nice looking shoe, they're also very comfortable.  Anyway I wanted to do something on them but had no idea what.  So one day I just decided to freestyle something:

As you can see I kept most of the red in the shoe and added a bit of a light fire red to it along with the turquoise blue and black pattern.  This shoe is just a little something for my personal collection.

Interested in your own version of this or another shoe?  Email me at (serious inquiries only).

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Customer Spotlight: Air Jordan 4 "Floss" custom

Here's a Jordan 4 custom commission done recently for a popular youtube reviewer.  The customer wanted something fairly simple with colors that matched the original base, that being the Jordan 4 fire red:

Along with a small print of their logo:

And here were the results:

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