Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Customer Spotlight: "Miracle Maker" Jordan 4 Pack

The idea behind this latest commission was that the client has a background in engineering and also lives near an ocean, so they wanted something that had both engineering/mechanics elements as well as water/sea elements. The original plan was to incorporate both ideas into one pair of shoes but the client later decided that they wanted to break each idea up into two separate pairs, which actually worked out way better. The first pair has the engineering theme while the second pair has the water/sea elements. Both shoes have the words "Miracle Maker" (which was the name given by the client) on the tongues of the shoes. This was a 1-of-1 request and will not be duplicated.  The base shoe for both was the Jordan 4 Legend Blue (grade school sizes).

For all custom inquiries, email at info@ecentrikart.net.  Also, check out & order some available past releases at the online store, www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Customer Spotlight: Crown themed Air Force 1s

Some crown themed Air Force 1s done for a recent client.  Base shoe was a pair of all white Air Force 1s.  For all inquiries, contact at www.ecentrikart.net

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Lava On Ice"

These were sort of a random theme I decided to do.  About a month ago I had purchased a pair of the Jordan 5 "Metallic" shoes....I knew immediately I wanted to do something with them but had no idea what, so I ended up having them sit on my shelf for a few weeks.

(Air Jordan 5 Metallic)

I was going through some old drawings I had of shoe designs I never made and came across a recent one I really liked that I drew up earlier this year.  It was a design I was going to do on some air force 1s but never did.  So I decided I would go with that design pattern but change up the colors (side note: I have design drawings dating back to the early 2000s that I never put out....might touch up a few and start bringing them to life someday).  Somewhere along the lines I got the fire & ice idea, changed fire to lava and went from there.  The finished product is what you see below:

The design itself's a little self explanatory.  The dark orange & poppy red shades with the black detail accents represent lava and the blue fade (which is hand done, no airbrush) represents ice.  I kept the shoe tongue & the shark fin midsole detail as is since I thought it was a nice touch.  I am currently taking orders for these in the online store link below.  If your size is not listed, email at info@ecentrikart.net to check for availability.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Customer Spotlight: Philadelphia Eagles Throwback customs (Reggie White Tribute)

A good friend of my mother back in my hometown of Philly requested these.  He's a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and his favorite player is former defensive end, the late Reggie White.  He wanted something with Reggie's number on it and done on a pair of Air Force 1s so I decided to go full retro with everything.

The shoes include the classic Kelly Green colors of the old 80s era Eagles uniforms along with the classic logo of the Eagle holding a football.  They're topped off with the classic Eagles font and on the tongues are Reggie White's number 92.

These are a huge contrast from the Eagles customs that previously did that were shown in this post, as that pair has the current color scheme.  This was a 1-of-1 request but if you'd like something similar with your favorite team and/or player, past or present, email me at info@ecentrikart.net.

Monday, April 27, 2015

"Street Art, Part 3"

Continuing with the street art themed series (See Part One and Part Two), now comes Street Art, Part Three.  I decided that unlike past series that i've done, this one will be done as an ongoing one pair at a time deal where i'll just do each one sporadically....basically whenever I get the inspiration to do a new version.  Well recently I got that inspiration after picking up a base shoe model that I hadn't really done any work on before, the Air Jordan 11s, specifically the "Legend Blue" 11s:

When I picked these up, I knew that I wanted to do something with them but had zero idea what.  Then I remembered I was thinking of another street art shoe but had a different base in mind.  I ended up using that base for a different custom (something i'm still working on as we speak) and that the street art idea would look unique on these because of the shape of the shoe.  So after some brainstorming & checking out some areas in the city that are popular for street art for inspiration, I came up with a couple ideas, did some sketches, picked my favorite along with the colors I wanted to use, and got to work.  Here is the finished product:

If you noticed, in the rear of one of the shoes, it says "Art is not a crime".  This is an ongoing detail that I put in all the street art shoes.  Anyway, these were loads of fun to work on and would love to do some other themes on the Jordan 11 base.  As for the street art series, I may or may not do another one....like I mentioned before, it depends on when & if I get the inspiration to do a continuation....could be next week, next month, next year, or never.  Time will tell....

Anyway, I will be taking a limited amount of  orders for this shoe (you also have the option to supply your own Legend Blue 11s for customization).  All of the details are at the link below.

Jordan 11 "Street Art, Part 3": http://www.ecentrik.bigcartel.com/product/air-jordan-11-street-art-part-3-custom

Friday, April 24, 2015

Customer Spotlight: "Brooklyn Bridge"

Brooklyn.  My favorite borough in all of New York City.  I love all the boroughs but to me BK is the borough with the most character....it's also the borough where I personally reside.  So when I got an inquiry from a client to do a Brooklyn Bridge themed pair of Air Force 1s, I was happy to oblige.

(Random pic of the bridge I took one day walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Originally the plan was to do the shoe with a black silhouette of the bridge but the client wanted the bridge to have some color....sort of like a daytime shot.  So I whipped up something that would feel like a daytime view of the bridge but with a unique spin on it.

The shoes, which started out as a pair of basic all white Air Force 1s, features pics of the bridge on the outer sections of each but done in kind of a 3D-ish cartoony style.  Along with the word "Brooklyn" on the outers in a graffiti tag style and a sky blue, red, and black combo.  I also added the BKLYN (a short abbreviation for Brooklyn) on the tongue tags and the NYC abbreviation on the rear panels.

These were done as a 1-of-1 request for the client, but if you have a custom idea of your own you would like to inquire about (maybe something representing your city?), email me at info@ecentrikart.net.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) / Extreme Tribute

They've been called everything from "That little wrestling group from the bingo hall" to "The little promotion that could" to "The blood & guts promotion", but if you were a fan like I was, you call it the ultimate wrestling movement.  I decided to do a sneaker themed tribute to what I consider to this day to be my all time favorite wrestling promotion but want to give you a little story along the way, both of me becoming a fan as well as some background on "The Land Of Extreme" for those who might be unaware (and of course some sneaker pics along the way).

As a kid growing up in Philadelphia PA in the 80s (now residing in Brooklyn NY) I was a HUGE wrestling fan.  I first discovered wrestling via the World Wrestling Federation/WWF (now known as WWE/World Wrestling Entertainment) during a time when guys like Hulk Hogan & "Macho Man" Randy Savage were the top stars.  A few months into my being a fan of this phenomenon, I discovered a company a few channels over called the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) which boasted guys like "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, The Road Warriors, etc.  While I still watched WWF I became an ever bigger fan of the NWA due to it's grittier style and more athletic based product.  Plus there were other wrestling companies I followed as well (too many to name here) but the overall wrestling landscape was fun for a kid like me who was fully engrossed in it.

Fast forward to the early 90s.....the WWF's product was getting stale due to it becoming more and more kiddie-ish with cartoon-like gimmicky characters (stuff like Doink The Clown & Papa Shango completely started to turn me off from watching) and even NWA, which by that time had become WCW (World Championship Wrestling) also became a little stale in its own way i'd say by 1994, when they started bringing in former WWF stars & watering down certain aspects of their style.  Meanwhile, a little independent promotion started up in my hometown in 1992 called Eastern Championship Wrestling.

ECW at the time was part of the NWA, which was/is an alliance of different wrestling promotions/territories around the country (which WCW had separated from by this time.....if you're not a wrestling fan or unfamiliar with the whole NWA thing it might get confusing to you so I won't go into that here because it's way too long an explanation).  Anyway, ECW started off with familiar names from the past like Terry Funk (who became incredibly important to the company later), Road Warrior Hawk, Jimmy Snuka, & Tito Santana just to name a few.  As time went on they began developing their own upcoming stars like Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Sabu, and The Tazmaniac (who would later just become Taz) to name a few.  The company continued on under the Eastern name until one fateful night when a young wrestler & future company "Franchise" named Shane Douglas won a tournament to crown a new NWA World Champion & made a speech in the ring that not only pissed off every NWA official, but launched what became a new era in wrestling.

The Extreme Era:

By 1994, the "Extreme" era was in full effect and would continue to progress.  As the years went on, the company from the bingo hall in South Philadelphia would continue to make waves & be seen by people nationwide due to tape trading among hardcore wrestling fans as well as wrestling magazine coverage.  The bingo hall, known originally as Viking Hall, became known to fans as the ECW Arena (and yes it really was an actual bingo hall):

(Actual sign that sat outside the building)

The building is still active to this day and has even been renovated/expanded.  It's now called the 2300 Arena & still hosts wrestling among other events but to us fans who were there in the 90s, it will always be the ECW Arena.

ECW created lots of new stars such as Taz, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, New Jack, Steve Corino, The Dudley Boyz, Justin Credible, and Rhino to name a few.  Some of whom would go on to companies like WWF and WCW and become bigger names.  Many well known stars got their start here and/or passed through ECW before moving on to other companies such as Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Rey Misterio Jr. and Eddie Guerrero.  Steve Austin himself even said that his "Stone Cold" persona has some influence from guys like Taz & The Sandman.  It's also pretty well known that the hardcore, edgy style of ECW inspired WWF's Attitude Era, which would be a major turning point for the company and helped them in their war against WCW for the Monday Night ratings.  Many detractors love to say that ECW was nothing more than chairs, tables, barbed wire, and chaos in their matches but while they had those things, they also had a nice mix of other styles like pure technical wrestling (I suggest the Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko series of matches) and Lucha Libre (Mexican style wrestling with guys like Rey Misterio, Juventud Guerrera, & Psicosis).  It was a company with a hybrid of styles but the focus was always on the in-ring product and had some edgy story lines and interesting personalities.  When the internet started to become a thing in the mid 90s, they were one of the first companies if not the first to take advantage of it with the launch of their website and holding the annual Cyberslam weekend, which was a Q & A session with the wrestlers & fans around the world as well as an actual wrestling show of the same name.  Its influence on the business was felt heavily back then & still is to this day.

Sadly, ECW went out of business in early 2001 due to bankruptcy but its legacy still lives on strong to this day.  There have since been reunion shows done inside and outside the WWE realm (WWE owns the company library) as well as a few different documentaries and some of its former stars are still active in the business today.  I am proud as a fan to be able to say "I was there" when it comes to a lot of those live shows in Philly and remember standing in those long lines outside the arena for hours because I knew at bell time I was gonna get my moneys worth every time.  It was more than a wrestling company, it was a movement and the fans were like family....not just the Philly fans, but fans all over the country & world who had the pleasure of going to a live show in their area or seeing the product on TV and Pay Per View.  There has never been another wrestling company like it and there never will be.

"EC F'N W!!!!!"

(P.S., These were done as a tribute to the ORIGNIAL version of ECW that ran from 1992-2001 and not that short lived remake done by the WWE in the mid 2000s.....the less spoken of that one, the better...Lol)

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